The Best Selling Items on eBay in 2019

Discover which items are selling the most on eBay, across 17 different categories from Baby and Business to Travel and Video GamesWe’ve analyzed every product-focused category on eBay to chart the overall sales trends and to discover which items are the best-selling right now.


To do that, we looked at search rankings and sales data over a 30-day period on eBay in the U.S, in each of these categories: Baby, Business & Industrial, Cameras & Photo, Cell Phones & Accessories, Computers & Tablets, Crafts, Electronics, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Home & Garden, Jewelry & Watches, Musical Instruments & Gear, Pet Supplies, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, Travel and Video Games & Consoles.

Let’s get into it.

All the data in this article came from eBay data analytics tool ShelfTrend. Many thanks to ShelfTrend for their help extracting this information.


The most popular Baby product categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Baby Toys → Developmental Baby Toys 10.4%
2 Baby Toys → Plush Baby Toys 9.8%
3 Diapering → Diaper Bags 7%

Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category under baby products: Developmental Baby Toys.

Top category: Developmental Baby Toys
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Developmental Baby Toys. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 47 items sold per listing over 30 days.
Prices ranged between $0.74 and $27.95, with an average price of $5.46.
Top brands in Developmental Baby Toys
There weren’t any brands that really stood out this category, although there were a small handful of listings from well known companies such as Fisher Price.

30-day sales trend for Developmental Baby Toys


Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.

There don’t appear to be any significant sales trends in the Developmental Baby Toys category.

Best-selling products in Developmental Baby Toys
The best-selling item on eBay in this category, by number of units sold, was a cloth baby book with 369 units sold over a 30-day period, but a very low unit price of only $1.39.

Other low value items feature heavily, including magnetic letters and handprint kits. All of the top three best-selling items, by units sold, are shipped from Hong Kong and China, clearly showing the trend on eBay for cheap factory-made products to be sold direct from China.

The best-selling item on eBay by total value of sales was a castle-shaped play tent, with 112 units sold over a 30-day period and a more substantial median price of $22.99.


This is followed by an ocean-themed play mat and then a pack of 100 multi-colored plastic balls. The first two items ship from the U.S. but China once again appears as the location of the plastic balls.

Business & Industrial
The most popular Business & Industrial product categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Healthcare, Lab & Dental → Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies 8%
2 Healthcare, Lab & Dental → Lab Chemicals 4.2%
3 Office → Blank Labels 3.8%
Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category: Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies.

Top category: Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 34 items sold per listing.
Prices ranged between $1.99 and $999, with an average price of $47.12.
Top brands in Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies
The most successful brands for Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies were Metrex, Vevor, Marathon, and Carejoy.

30-day sales trend for Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies
Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.


These trends show that there are weekly demand spikes, so it’s worth looking into sales for your particular products and optimizing for specific days of the week.

Best-selling products in Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies

The best-selling item by quantity on eBay for the Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies category was a Marathon dental lab electric polishing micromotor. It sold 161 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $68.

The best-selling item by value on eBay for the Other Medical, Lab & Dental Supplies category was a 6 in 1 cavitation RF vacuum slimming cellulite machine. It sold 40 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $446.40.

Cellulite slimming machines are extremely popular sellers on eBay and retail for high amounts. Testing and sterilizing kits sell well by quantity, so consumables is a good choice if you want to get into this category.

Cameras & Photo
The most popular Cameras & Photo categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Camera & Photo Accessories → Batteries 13%
2 Digital Cameras → Digital Cameras 11%
3 Lenses & Filters → Lenses 9.2%
Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category under Cameras & Photo: Batteries.

Top category: Batteries
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Batteries. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 44 items sold per listing.
Prices ranged between $2.29 and $70.99, with an average price of $20.20.
Top brands in Batteries
There aren’t many surprises for top camera battery brands. GoPro does best, with Powerextra, Kastar, Nikon, Canon, and Sony also doing well. There’s also quite a strong showing from generic brands, as those items are cheaper.

30-day sales trend for Batteries
Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.


There doesn’t seem to be any strong trends over a 30-day period, although we’d expect sales to increase as we move towards the summer and people buy batteries for travel and vacation shots.

Best-selling products in Batteries


The best-selling item by quantity on eBay for the Batteries category was an Original GoPro Rechargeable Battery. It sold 351 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $14.99. Nikon and Sony camera batteries also provided popular, especially rechargeable batteries.

The Original GoPro Rechargeable Battery was also the best-selling item by total value sold. Batteries from genuine, brand-name manufacturers tend to outsell generic brands in this category, so it’s worth focussing on these high-quality products.

Cell Phones & Accessories
The most popular Cell Phones & Accessories categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Cell Phone Accessories → Cases, Covers & Skins 39.8%
2 Cell Phones & Smartphones → Cell Phones & Smartphones 22.4%
3 Cell Phone Accessories → Screen Protectors 11.8%
Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category under cell phone products: Cases, Covers & Skins.

Top category: Cases, Covers & Skins
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Cases, Covers & Skins. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 666 items sold per listing.
Prices ranged between $1.95 and $39.99, with an average price of $7.68.
Top brands in Cases, Covers & Skins
Spigen, Storm-Buy, Mybat, Otterbox, and Apple are all popular brands in this area.

30-day sales trend for Cases, Covers & Skins
Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.


There are no strong trends over 30 days in this area. We’d expect the sales of cell phone cases to peak as new phones are released, especially from Apple and Samsung.

Best-selling products in Cases, Covers & Skins


The best-selling item by quantity on eBay for the Cases, Covers & Skins category was an iPhone X XS Max Shockproof Case Cover. It sold 4,931 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $4.95. Slim, shockproof covers were also the second- and third-best sellers in this category. People are increasingly switching to slimline covers, so it’s worth taking advantage.


The best-selling item by value on eBay for the Cases, Covers & Skins category was a Hybrid Shockproof Thin, Clear Bumper Case. It sold 4,154 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $5.97. The key to making money in this category is offering a good variety of colors and sizes to fit the most popular cell phones.


Computers & Tablets
The most popular Computers & Tablets categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Tablets & eBook Readers → Tablets & eBook Readers 14.4%
2 Printers, Scanners & Supplies → Ink Cartridges 13.2%
3 Laptops & Netbooks → PC Laptops & Netbooks 11.4%
Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category under computers and tablets: Tablets & eBook Readers.

Top category: Tablets & eBook Readers
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Tablets & eBook Readers. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 135 items sold per listing.
Prices ranged between $8.99 and $1,189.99, with an average price of $136.43.
Top brands in Tablets & eBook Readers
There are no surprises in the most popular tablet and eBook reader brands. Apple, Samsung, and Amazon dominate, with smaller brands like Ghia, Kocaso, Asus, and others filling out the most popular listings.

30-day sales trend for Tablets & eBook Readers
Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.’



Toys & Hobbies
The most popular Toys & Hobbies categories on eBay were:

Rank Subcategory % of search results
1 Collectible Card Games → Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards 19.4%
2 TV & Movie Character Toys → TV & Movie Character Toys 13.0%
3 Action Figures → TV, Movie & Video Games 9.0%
Let’s dig into the data for the most popular category under toys and hobbies: Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards.

Top category: Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards
We analyzed the top 100 eBay listings under Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards. The headline statistics told us that:

There were an average of 27 items sold per listing.
Prices ranged between $0.89 and $39.98, with an average price of $5.44.
Top brands in Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards
Genuine Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are only manufactured by Konami, so that’s the only brand we see.

30-day sales trend for Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards
Here’s a chart of the number of items sold over a 30-day period.



The number of cards sold did increase towards the end of our analysis period. We suspect that sales trends will be influenced by the release of new cards, big Yu-Gi-Oh! competitions, and conventions, which tend to occur in the late spring through fall.

Best-selling products in Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards


The best-selling item by quantity on eBay for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Individual Cards category was a pack of 50 Holographic Foil Collection Cards. It sold 235 units over a 30-day period, with a median selling price of $11.99. Other bulk collections of cards did well, and there are listings of individual cards including the Blue Eyes Chaos Max Dragon.

The best-selling item by price was also the bulk collection of 50 cards. Listings creating the most value also included individual cards, especially rares and ultra-rares, with the Infinite Impermanence card selling for a median price of $39.84.

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About the data
All the data in this article comes from eBay data analytics tool ShelfTrend.

We analyzed categories that mainly include mass-produced products that are sold new and at a fixed price. Categories where one-of-a-kind items are sold, such as Antiques and Collectibles, and media categories such as Books and Music have been excluded.

The “most popular categories” tables show the subcategories with the most listings in the top 500 search results for each main category.

All other data is based on sales for the top 100 search results in each selected subcategory. This includes the average number of items sold, price range, average price, top brands and 30-day sales trends.

We then focused on the best-selling items in the subcategory based on the total number of units sold, and the total value of sales over a 30-day period.

This research was carried out in March to April 2019.

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Seven Leading Online Marketplaces for Selling in Australia and New Zealand

These wealthy English-speaking countries have a strong demand for international products. Here are the best marketplaces down under.

This post is by Craig Agutter, EMEA Ecommerce Manager at international currency transfer provider WorldFirst
Amazon’s recent launch in Australia has opened up what was once a difficult market for international sellers to access. In fact, when the retail giant opened its doors down under last December, it experienced more orders on its first day than any other Amazon launch in history.

The demand is definitely out there, and Australia and New Zealand are fast becoming two of the most exciting ecommerce markets for international businesses. In particular, sellers with seasonal demand find Australia and New Zealand lucrative markets to offload surplus stock, once the season is finished in the northern hemisphere.

Whilst Amazon’s launch now makes it easier for you to sell down under, it isn’t the only show in town. Here we take a look at some of the marketplaces to explore if you’re eyeing up the opportunities in Australia and New Zealand.
eBay Australia has enjoyed a relative lack of competition and dominated the online market in Australia for the past 18 years. It is the country’s fifth most popular website – more than 11 million Australians visit every month – and is responsible for over half of the total online non-food retail sales in the country.
For international sellers it is the ideal platform to begin your expansion into the Australian market, due to the user and seller-friendly nature of listing on the website. eBay also encourages international sellers on its platform through its cross-border trade program.
Key features
If you purchase the international site visibility listing upgrade, you can simultaneously list across eBay Australia and other international websites giving you maximum visibility for your product.
eBay charges 10.9% for every product sold plus other fees (e.g. insertion fees and for listing features) so can be expensive for smaller sellers. However, for businesses selling more than 40 items a month, there are a range of packages that make the marketplace competitively priced.
eBay’s Global Shipping Program takes the hassle out of international distribution.
One of eBay Australia’s top sellers, Selby Acoustics, was interviewed on Web Retailer in 2016.





The launch of Amazon’s marketplace in Australia had been widely anticipated and did not disappoint with tens of thousands of customers visiting the site in its first 24 hours. Whilst Amazon is a staple in many other regions, it is still in its infancy in Australia, so the first sellers on the platform could benefit tremendously from reduced competition and first-mover advantage.
Nevertheless, the retail giant still has huge brand recognition in the country and has found it easy to market to customers. Australians are already one of the biggest buyers of products from Amazon U.S. so this new platform is likely to cement their dominance in the market.
Furthermore, for international sellers already on Amazon’s other country marketplaces, the entry requirements for Amazon Australia are minimal.
Key features
Amazon offers its fulfillment service (FBA) in the region, which can take care of a large part of the logistical difficulties of reaching customers in Australia.
Selling on Amazon Australia costs AU $49.95 per month (excluding GST) plus a fee on each product that is sold, which varies across categories. Amazon is currently offering half-price monthly subscriptions for two months.
Sellers will need to provide Australian bank account details when registering.
Read Chris McCabe’s tips on getting started on Amazon Australia.






Trade Me
If you’re interested in reaching New Zealand’s middle classes (and a growing customer base) then you need to be on Trade Me to succeed. It is the country’s most popular website and largest digital platform with nearly 4 million registered users. Estimates suggest that 85% of the population in New Zealand hold a Trade Me account so most experienced sellers will find a ready-made customer base for their product on the site.
Like eBay, Trade Me is a listing-based platform and products can be sold either by auction or at a fixed price. The most popular categories are clothing and footwear, home and living, toys and games and sporting accessories.
Key features
There is an application and approval process for international sellers looking to list products on Trade Me.
Trade Me typically provides international sellers with an account manager to provide assistance on listing and maximizing the retail opportunity.
It is currently free to post items with a basic listing, and Trade Me takes a commission of 7.9% of any successful sale over $1.
Trade Me was covered in depth on Web Retailer in 2016.





For sellers specializing in large business assets or with excess stock, GraysOnline is the perfect platform to sell off some of your products. It is the largest industrial and commercial online auction business in Australasia with over 187,000 active customers and a database of nearly 2.5 million customers. Categories vary from engineering and manufacturing kit to wine, home and garden appliances and even fashion and apparel.
GraysOnline covers both Australia and New Zealand and their network means vendors can access a range of buyers from across the world.
Key features
The platform offer sale guarantees for when sellers need to free up funds or get rid of stock.
GraysOnline have a team of category experts who can advise on the best way to increase sales on the site.
Because of the specialized nature, buyers on the platform also tend to have industry knowledge of products.



MyDeal is one of Australia’s ecommerce success stories. Started in 2012, the Melbourne-based online marketplace now serves over half a million buyers and over 1000 sellers. Deloitte named MyDeal the 9th fastest-growing Australian tech company in 2015.
The website is definitely one to watch for international sellers, as it has experienced 150% growth year on year and has become a firm favorite for Australian shoppers.
Key features
Businesses need to sell between 10-100 products to access the platform.
Sellers of big bulky items tend to find more success on the platform – e.g. mattresses, chairs, ping pong tables.
The marketplace is hands-off when it comes to fulfillment and logistics so sellers will have to organize this themselves.



Known as Australia’s biggest daily deals site, launched its online marketplace in the summer of 2017 as it looked to strengthen its status as the number one destination for Australian online shoppers.
The website has already signed up big brands like Speedo, North Face and ASUS and are looking to have millions of products sold on the site over the next couple of years.
Key features
As the marketplace is still in its infancy, sellers will need to apply to become a marketplace seller, with niche products that are difficult to source being the most sought after.
Catch doesn’t sell the same product from multiple suppliers so it is important to pitch unique items.
Catch is primarily a discounter so sellers with the best pricing models are likely to be the most successful.





ASOS Marketplace
Fashion website ASOS’s marketplace has come into its own over the past 5 years and is arguably the destination to reach fashion-conscious buyers. For businesses specializing in fashion, it is the best place to start despite the high commission and subscription charges.
Best of all, ASOS Marketplace allows you to reach buyers across the world from the U.S., to Australia and New Zealand so it’s a fantastic platform to reach the widest audience if you sell unique designs or vintage clothing.
Key features
ASOS only accepts sellers with design talent, or sellers of sought-after vintage selections, although categories have now expanded to include jewelry, watches and accessories.
Sellers have full control of building their own branded boutique with everything customizable, from the storefront to how you showcase your items.
ASOS requires that each boutique must have at least 10-15 product listings at all times, with vintage boutiques needing to stock a minimum of 20 items.
It’s definitely worth taking the plunge to start selling out there and there are tons of opportunities for sellers keen to make the big leap.





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eBay Alternatives: Ten Seller-Friendly Marketplaces To Consider

From Bonanza to DaWanda, eBid, Etsy, Ruby Lane and We look at ten eBay alternatives with characteristics that sellers crave.

eBay sellers have had enough. They are paying more in fees, struggling to keep up with ever-changing policies and battling with technical problems like site outages and random testing.

Many also feel that over time, the marketplace has lost its person-to-person feel, and is no longer as friendly to small businesses. It goes further though. The introduction of Group Similar Listings and the imminent ban on custom store designs has made sellers feel like they are losing their identity. As a result, some sellers are now looking for alternative marketplaces to sell their products on.

In this post, we’ll be exploring several eBay alternatives. All of them have similar characteristics to eBay, like being listing-driven, but they also have elements that sellers feel eBay has lost, like a person-to-person, community feel. Some of these marketplaces will allow sellers to list virtually anything, whereas others are more niche.

This article is the first in a two-part series looking at alternative marketplaces for Amazon and eBay sellers. Be sure to check out our guide to Amazon alternatives.

How do the eBay alternatives compare?

eBay alternatives where you can sell anything

There are a number of marketplaces out there that have very similar characteristics to eBay. What do I mean by this? Well, they are all listing-driven marketplaces, where sellers own their listing, instead of being dumped onto one listing with all the other sellers offering that product. They also give sellers the chance to make themselves unique, by offering some ability to brand their listings.

The final aspect is that these marketplaces have a community feel, harking back to the person-to-person vibe that eBay used to have. This means that they aren’t just full of big companies, and competition on the marketplace is fair.


Operates in: U.S. and U.K.

If you’re already selling on eBay, it’s really easy to get started on Bonanza, as you can import your existing eBay listings. You can also import your feedback into Bonanza, which is really useful if you’ve already built a great reputation on eBay. The comments themselves don’t come across, but the number of positive, neutral and negative reviews that you’ve received does.

eBay sellers may be pleased to hear that Bonanza has a real person-to-person feel, thanks to the live chat feature that allows sellers to build relationships with potential buyers. It doesn’t cost anything to list on Bonanza, but sellers pay a fee of 3.5% for every item they sell.

View our directory listing for Bonanza.


Operates in: Everywhere

Another option is eBid, which allows sellers to create fixed-price listings, or run auctions. The site has a real community feel thanks to features like the Buddy Points system. This rewards buyers for purchases they make and sellers for receiving good feedback.

eBid offers two types of seller account. The first, is a basic selling account, which allows you to list for free, but you pay a fee of 3% when you sell an item The second choice is to pay a one-off fee of $99.98 and get a SELLER+ account. This way you never have to pay commissions again.

The SELLER+ account comes with more features, like the ability to import listings from Amazon, eBay and Etsy. It also allows sellers to run up to five stores, which can all be personalized.

View our directory listing for eBid.


Operates in: U.S., U.K. and Australia

eBay sellers should also check out eCRATER, as it’s easy to use, and allows sellers to have their own identity. Let’s look at designing your store for example. You can choose from a number of templates, add your logo and choose which of your products are shown in prominent positions. Your store also has its own URL, which you can customize to include the name of your business.

Setting up a store on eCRATER is free, and you only pay a fee of 2.9% when you sell an item. To sell on eCRATER in the U.S., you must be able to ship your products throughout the country.

View our directory listing for eCRATER.

eBay alternatives for niche products

As well as the sales channels that we’ve already covered, there is a wide range of niche online marketplaces out there. The majority of them share similar characteristics to eBay. You get your own store and can develop your own identity, but you are limited to what you can sell.


Operates in: Everywhere

The most popular category of niche marketplace is crafts and handmade, with Etsy leading the way. Their 1.9 million sellers offer products across a range of craft categories including craft supplies, handmade products, vintage clothing and collectibles.

Much like eBay, each product has its own listing. There is also a nice community vibe and buyers can get a great feel for what you and your business are about, through the “meet the owner” section.

In terms of fees, it costs $0.20 to list an item on Etsy, regardless of whether it sells. A listing stays active for up to four months, and renewing it costs a further $0.20. In addition, Etsy charge a commission of 3.5% of the final sales price, when you sell a product.

View our directory listing for Etsy.


Operates in: Everywhere

DaWanda is a European marketplace for unique, handmade and vintage products. You can create your own store, free of charge, which can be personalized. You have the option to name it, upload a banner image and add a personal description about you and your business. You can also set up to 20 of your own shop categories and can use the “shop window” feature to promote your best products.

The listing fees on DaWanda depend on the price of your product, and range from €0.10 to €0.30. They also charge commission of 9.5% of the sales price, which includes a payment processing fee of 1.9%

View our directory listing for DaWanda.


Operates in: U.S.

ArtFire is a marketplace for handmade, artisan and vintage products, as well as craft supplies. Once again, sellers get their own listings and can have their own customizable store. These showcase your products, and help buyers find items more easily, through the search function or the featured products section. Interestingly, ArtFire also lets sellers add blog articles to their seller profile.

A common criticism of small marketplaces is their lack of tools, but this is an area where ArtFire is quite strong. It has a bulk editing tool, options for creating sales, and a remote checkout widget which can be added to your blog or website.

ArtFire offers three different monthly subscription options for sellers. The cheapest is $4.95 but on this plan, sellers have to pay a $0.23 listing fee and a 9% final value fee. The other two plans, which are $20 and $40 per month, have no listing fees and final value fees of 3%. The difference between the two is the maximum number of active listings you’re allowed to have.

View our directory listing for ArtFire.


Operates in: U.K.

Notonthehighstreet is a marketplace that offers unique, personalized and handmade products, with over two million unique visitors per month. You have to apply to sell on Notonthehighstreet, and their standards are quite high. The application form will ask for details about the products you want to sell, so be prepared to upload good quality images.

If you’re approved to sell on Notonthehighstreet, then there’s a one-off joining fee of £199. The marketplace also takes commission of 25% of every sale you make. As such, it’s important to make sure that you have the margin to make selling on Notonthehighstreet viable.

Notonthehighstreet has a clean, professional feel that other craft and handmade marketplaces lack. It also gives sellers a great chance to brand themselves, as they can tell their story, explain how their products are made, and add pictures to their profile.

Currently, only U.K.-based businesses can apply to sell on Notonthehighstreet, but they are planning to expand their program to include international sellers.

View our directory listing for Notonthehighstreet.

Ruby Lane

Operates in: U.S.

Another option is Ruby Lane, where sellers offer vintage fashion, alongside vintage collectibles and high-end antiques. Before sellers can start their shop, they are pre-screened by Ruby Lane’s in-house team of seasoned art and antiques professionals.

There are no auctions on Ruby Lane, as all listings are in a fixed-price format. Sellers do have the choice to allow offers though, which Ruby Lane’s software can automatically accept, reject or counter for you.

If you are approved to sell on the marketplace, then you must have ten items for sale in your store at all times. You also need to be aware of the different listing requirements for each “Lane” (their term for product category) such as jewelry or vintage products.

The fee structure on Ruby Lane is a little more complicated than some of the other marketplaces in this article. There is a one time setup fee for stores of $100, which includes 10 free listings. After this, there is a listing fee of $0.19 per item.

In addition there is a maintenance fee, which starts a $69 per month, for up to 80 items. From your 81st to 150th product, you pay $0.30 per product and from your 151st to 1000th product, you pay $0.20 per product. For each product from your 1001st you pay just one cent.

View our directory listing for Ruby Lane.

Operates in: U.S. is an auction site for guns, hunting paraphernalia and military collectibles. Sellers have a lot of control on, and can specify the length of auction, the payment methods accepted and their own return policy.

The marketplace is a mixture of auctions and fixed-price listings, with a lot of contact between buyers and sellers. For example, after a product is sold, you need to arrange payment and delivery with the buyer.

To sell on, sellers must register and be legally allowed to own firearms, ammunition, knives and gun accessories. There are no listing fees but there are final value fees. For items up to $250, this is six percent of the sales price. For items over $250, take six percent of the fist $250, and 3.5 percent of the remaining amount. So, if the product sold for $1000, you’d pay $41.25 in fees.

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